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Fling! and Blank Slate Improv

Fling! and Blank Slate Improv Create
 a unique blend of 20-30 minute improvised comic plays
from audience suggestions.
Admission is Free! 

Fling! and Blank Slate's next performance will be Sat. Feb. 7, 2015
at 7 pm at the Silver Spring Black Box Theater
8641 Colesville Road, Silver Spring 20910
For info call 202-258-6888 
or leave a message on our reservation page

Fling! Improv is:                                                              Blank Slate Improv is:

Mark Bleich (the nice guy with the sarcastic edge)         Jim Henley (the big sensitive guy with the explosive personality)

Josh Holober-Ward (a young Hugh Jackman)               Dr. Anshuman Sinha (finance expert by day with killer comic instincts) 

Amy Peterson (cute and soulful)                                    Kelly Dorfman (a firecracker in a small package)  

Chris Smith (the madder she gets,                                           Irina Vayndiner (the Russian engineer with a sly sense of humor)                                                                                                             the funnier she is)

Dr. Tim Tinker (his ability the play the straight man and the comic foil earned him the nickname "the Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde of comedy")

Tim Ward (whose high-functioning, professional            Sheila Thibodeau (sweet and outrageous in equal measure)              
          exterior drops away when provoked to
          reveal his inner nerd and a seething                      Dr. Zoltan Jakab (The professorial Hungarian with the wild streak)
          cauldron of emotions)                                            

                                                                                        Blank Slate (n):  Something new, fresh and unmarked 

Laura Brown (the cut-up)                                             
Fling (v):   To throw oneself into an activity with
                   abandon and energy                                                                                   

Improv (n): The act of inventing extemporaneously                                 

Fling! Improv: Impetuous is just who they are              
Blank Slate Improv: unpredictable is their middle name