Precipice Improv Theater



Free sample classes Sunday afternoons at 3 pm 

Precipice Performs Fri. & Sat. nights  Jan. 11, 12, 18, & 19 at 8:30 pm

at Imagination Stage in Bethesda 

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Bob Adler (actor) a founding member of Precipice, started appreciating the benefits of improv more than fifteen years ago when failing memory made any other pursuit nearly impossible. A checkered stint at graduate school, followed by an equally checkered career in the federal government, made it painfully clear to him that he would be much better off giving up checkers. Having wowed audiences in scripted theater ("Wow, I hope his part is over!") he decided to seek the challenges of wide-open id. Bob's favorite roles with Precipice include a randy Scotsman, a humiliated Irish son, a middle-aged man seeking a Bar Mitzvah, a honeymooner on the Amazon River, and the disembodied voice of God as an overworked bureaucrat.

Ric Andersen (actor) has recently appeared in “Gross Indecencies: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde” (Little Theatre of Alexandria), "Enchanted April” (LTA), and "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (Tapestry Theatre).  He was last seen on television as "the Ox" in “Animals of the Chinese Zodiac” (Animal Planet).  And if you have a pause function for your VCR, you might have caught him as a cop in America's Most Wanted (FOX) and as a secret service agent in The West Wing (NBC).  In fact, he is often typecast as a police officer, a jogger, or a farm animal. Which may explain why he is happy that no animals were injured in the writing of this bio.  During the days Ric improvises as an Assistant Superintendent at the U.S. House of Representatives Press Gallery.

 Michelle James (actor) happened upon the improv scene in the mid-nineties and never turned back. After showing up for Precipice classes and shows for a couple years, she was dangerously close to achieving groupie status. Fortunately fate wielded its lofty hand, threw its weight around, made a few covert deals, and she was invited to join the troupe. As a business creativity consultant, Michelle experiences Precipice as a place to explore and experiment with the edge of reality (and knowing her cast mates, the edge of sanity) before using her newfound understanding with actual subjects. Passionate about the method behind the madness, she leads improv-based team building, leadership and creativity programs in organizations.




Daniel Mont (actor) is excited to be entering his fourth year with Precipice -- but then, he is excitable by nature. He is also a playwright, his plays being performed locally and in NYC, most recently at the Abingdon Theatre Company. His play "Quality Time" was selected as one of the best plays of 2003-2004 at TSI, Inc. Dan has acted locally in professional and community theater, and is the author of "A Different Kind of Boy: A Father's Memoir on Raising a Gifted Child with Autism" (Jessica Kingsley Press). He profusely thanks his family for letting him indulge in what is actually free therapy.

Gary Jacobs (director) founded Precipice in 1996 for the purpose of creating an acting troupe to improvise full-length plays. Upon hearing of Gary's plans for Precipice, his mother said, "This will either be the most brilliant contribution to Western Civilization since the invention of scientific one-point perspective by Masaccio in 1425, or theatrical suicide." Gary began his career in improvisational theater in 1979, has directed two other improv companies prior to Precipice, and has taught over 50 classes in improvisational acting.

Sean Carter (crew), Lord of the Booth and Master of The 50-Foot Ladder -- has lit numerous Precipice shows with an abundance of good cheer and infinite patience.