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Free sample classes Sunday afternoons at 3 pm 

Precipice Performs Fri. & Sat. nights  Jan. 11, 12, 18, & 19 at 8:30 pm

at Imagination Stage in Bethesda 

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Precipice Offers Five Different Kinds of Improv Class Experiences
Free Sample Improv Classes
Sunday afternoons at 3 pm

all year at the
FAES Social and Academic Center
9101 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814


For reservations and further info 
call or text 202-258-6888
use the form at the bottom

You are invited to attend for free one of Precipice's ongoing improv classes.  In the class you will participate in simple, but fun theater games and exercises that stimulate your imagination and exercise your creativity in a supportive atmosphere.The classes are located two miles from downtown Bethesda at the FAES Social and Academic Center, 9101 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD 20814. You can simply observe or actually participate.  But audit space is limited, so you must reserve a place via telephone or the form at the bottom of this page.
Improv-For-Everyone Workshop

 8-week semester
Sunday afternoons at 3 pm
all year at the
FAES Social and Academic Center
9101 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814
Class runs every week all year

For reservations and info call or text 202-258-6888
use the form at the page bottom

"Class was a great release. I think my inner comic genius started to eek out! Overall it was a blast!" Lauren K

For those who have never done improv, this class is for you. Open to everyone, regardless of experience, this class is designed to gently and playfully bring out your creativity in a completely supportive environment. Students take this workshop to:

- have fun in a playful atmosphere

- get in touch with the artist within 

- learn communication/presentation skills useful in work situations

- experience personal growth 

- develop acting skills

- co-create extended scenes and one-act plays




Principles of Improvising Great Scenes and Plays
 Including Sophisticated Scene Work, Character Work, and Narrative Techniques 
 Sunday afternoons at 4:30 pm
all year at the
FAES Social and Academic Center
9101 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814


Start at any time 
$240 for 8 weeks  
For reservations and info all 202-258-6888
use the form at the page bottom

"We were blown away by what was accomplished in just a few hours!
Gary's direction was incredibly helpful; he was able to immediately
pinpoint our troupe's struggles and steer us in an emotionally honest
direction. We can't wait to have him back". Leeann Dearing founding
member of Chaos Comedy in Phoenix, AZ 
For those with improv experience, this class gives you the chance to work at more challenging levels of creativity, improvising 20-60 minute plays. This workshop − designed from 20 years of research and using the same methods that trained the Precipice performing company − uses exercises that are both fun and rigorous, stretching your creative muscles in an exciting and supportive environment. You will learn  principles for creating compelling and believable characters, riveting scenes, and exciting plays that are as good as the best scripted work being written today.  This class meets on Thursdays each week during the year. 




Play-Improvising and Performance Workshop:
Ongoing All Year
Meets all year,
at mutually agreed-upon
days and times,
FAES Social and Academic Center
9101 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, MD 20814


For further info and to obtain an interview
to determine class eligibility call 202-258-6888
use the form at the page bottom


Students who complete the Improv-For-Everyone and Principles Workshops are eligible to apply for enrollment in Precipice's play-improvising and performance workshop.  This workshop meets once a week at mutually-agreed upon days and times and provides students with the opportunity to participate in 8-12 performances a year in a 150 seat theater.  Students receive intensive and personalized improvisation training that encompasses playwriting, directing, character work, and advanced scene work.



Improv And the Writer Workshop

Taught Once a Year
at The Writer's Center
4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD 20814
call 301-654-8664 to put your name on a list
to be notified of the next class

Designed for both writers and actors, this workshop helps you gain greater access to your imagination. While writers find it helpful in stimulating their creative impulses, you needn't be a writer to benefit from the expansion in your creativity.  Call 202-258-6888 to find out when this workshop is being offered.

Here's the course description:

James Joyce said that writing is "the most ingenious torture ever devised".  But, what if it doesn't have to be?  Some writers report that when writing they enter another world, where words and ideas flow easily and writing problems evaporate.  This course reproduces that experience using improv exercises to teach you to fully engage your material on an emotional level, while bypassing the roadblocks of your internal critical, and accessing your wellspring of creativity.



 About the Teacher 

Gary Jacobs has been teaching, producing, and directing improv for 31 years. He now teaches internationally, as well as on both the East and West Coasts. Students routinely give Gary rave reviews, citing his passion for teaching, commitment to excellence, pin-point, honest feedback, and depth of knowledge. In April of 2009, Gary taught sold-out workshops in Auckland, New Zealand at the Covert Theater and in Christchurch, New Zealand at the Court Theater. His last eight workshops in Bethesda, Little Washington, Virginia, and Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and Ventura, California were sold out.  


What do students say about Precipice's classes?
“In the past six months in Gary’s class, I have portrayed a father, son, grandson, husband, and lover, a massage therapy student, a burglar and a deli worker. I’ve been in a submarine, on the moon, in a cemetery, at the beach, at a campsite, on a fishing pier, at a wedding, in the aforementioned jail, at a fortune teller, at an island resort, at a bowling alley and at the prom. This is just a tiny sample of characters and settings that one can expect to experience in Gary’s class.

I so look forward to every class. They are, of course, fun; but, they are also challenging, thought-provoking, insightful, sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining. The camaraderie is incredible. The support from my classmates makes it possible for me to take risks and succeed (more often as time goes on) or look like an idiot (more often than I’d like, but I’m getting used to it). Gary’s approach to improv is what makes this possible. His encouragement and mantra (anyone can improvise) and his coaching are so supportive, providing an atmosphere conducive to learning how to improvise a play and, as Gary says, to “make great art.”
Does it work? Absolutely. In the short time I’ve been in Gary’s class, I’ve noticed that the quality of our work has dramatically improved. It’s not easy. There’s much more to trying to improvise an entire play than one might think. The feeling of accomplishment experienced after a particularly satisfying class is well worth the time and effort.” - Mark Bleich


"I was always jealous of my friends who had an 'artistic outlet' - a way to express themselves outside of work and family. I can barely draw a stick figure and I leave musical instruments to people who can play them. Stepping into Gary’s beginning improv acting class opened that creative door for me. Anyone can do it. Blissfully, “talent” or being funny isn’t required. All I needed was the desire to have fun. Gary takes care of the rest. Going to improv class is a highlight of my week, and no, I’m not a recluse! As a bonus, the class has given me the confidence to speak in front of others when the need arises. Think wedding toasts and presentations. I’m so glad I found this class!" - Julie S


"I discovered that Gary Jacobs' Precipice Improv Theater was holding classes in Bethesda. I had been looking for a new creative outlet and just wanted to have more fun, so I signed up.
My first impression of Gary's Improv class was that it was like an adult summer camp. The warm up exercises are a hoot - fun things that I wouldn't get to do in everyday life. The classes give me a chance to forget about my responsibilities and to focus solely on what is right in front of me. What a luxury! 
Gary is a "boost your ego" type of a person. He is encouraging, challenging, and very adept at finding the next level where his students can express themselves in a safe environment. 
After eight months in Gary's class, I can appreciate how the experience has helped move me out of my 'comfort zone.' Working with Gary and the other Improv students has made me much more spontaneous in my work, in which I interact with the public doing marketing and training. It has helped me to be much more present to my customers' needs and questions. As a result, I feel more engaged in my work and even a bit more light-hearted.
Who would have guessed that Improv would have such a positive influence on the rest of my life and on my ability to enter new situations with greater confidence? The benefits have been invaluable and surprising.

I have learned so much about being 'in the moment', supporting my partner, getting out of my head, and letting go of my own ideas in order to be completely present to what is. Very Zen! What a lesson for life." - Renee Panagos



If you would like to register for our classes, please leave your name, your email address, your phone number, and the class for which you are registering, and then hit the Submit" button. We will contact you shortly to confirm your registration. For further information about our classes, please leave your name, email address, and telephone numbers.

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"Imaginative and surprisingly funny! The actors appeared to have as much fun as we did." Johanna Rames


"Incredibly quick witted and brave. The actors seemed very natural." Marilyn Leesberg


"I loved it! So zany and inventive. I didn't know what to expect, and it turned out to be a great night.“ Alan Friedman